Three Square

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4190 N Pecos Rd
Las Vegas
(702) 644-3663

Three Square is a food bank based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a nonprofit organization that works to provide meals to people in need in the community. The organization was founded in 2007, and it has since become one of the largest food banks in the state of Nevada. Three Square operates a number of programs designed to help feed those in need, including a food distribution program, a meal delivery program, and a grocery rescue program. The food distribution program works with a network of more than 600 partner agencies, including schools, churches, and other community organizations, to distribute food to those in need. The meal delivery program provides hot, nutritious meals to seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to prepare their own meals. The grocery rescue program works with local grocery stores and food manufacturers to rescue excess food that would otherwise go to waste, and distribute it to those in need. In addition to these programs, Three Square also operates a number of initiatives designed to help address the root causes of hunger in the community. These initiatives include a children’s backpack program, which provides food to children in need on weekends and during school breaks, and a senior pantry program, which provides food assistance to seniors in need. Three Square also works with community partners to provide nutrition education and support to those in need.

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