Rise In Eviction Filings

As expected, many eviction cases were filed at the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson courts. I was able to access some public records and compile some data for some clarity and here’s what I was able to find:

-July = 814
-August = 200
North Las Vegas
-July = 591
-August = 261
Las Vegas
-July= 462
-August = 410

It’s worth mentioning that these are all cases relating to evictions which could include a tenant response such as a motion to stay or mediation granted. With that being said, it is still alarming nevertheless that these are all being done DURING AN EVICTION BAN. So the way it ended up panning out, the CDC Moratorium is actually overpowered by our local state government and the passing of AB 486. As more and more cases are seen, we are starting to get a clearer foresight as to where we are heading.

We have started to see other issues arise as more and more cases are being filed by landlords. Even including an incident that resulted in 3 tenants getting shot by their landlord during a dispute. While that was an extreme example of tension gone too far, other incidents aren’t looking so good. Our locksmith mentioned that a bunch of lockouts were being done by the constable despite not having a legal order which falls into the lines of “who is responsible?” Other incidents have included constables quitting their jobs due to the increase of violence and risk on the job which is to be expected when many tenants haven’t paid in months and they don’t have anywhere to go. Some tenants have even gone as far as barricading themselves in their homes and just simply not responding to any form of communication which is in way kind of legal…for now.

There is some breath of fresh air for landlords though. Some of these cases are going in the favor of the landlord and evictions are being granted. How are the evictions going through you may ask? Well, there’s a few exemptions available and if the landlord has a good attorney to file the right paperwork, they may be granted a summary eviction. It’s important to know that these eviction bans are only for residential and for non-payment only. Some other grounds for evictions such as nuisance or code violation will still be honored in court. The tenant must ALSO FILE FOR ASSISTANCE to be eligible for AB 486 protection and they must provide supporting documentation to indicate that they are indeed eligible to receive assistance.

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