Property Fraud

This is an important article talking about a postcard that Clark County sent out that unfortunately a lot of homeowners will simply throw away. It is an invitation to sign up to their brand new Recorders Service Notification system which will help stay on top of any changes to your title. Think of this like your credit report but for your property. The postcard they sent contains a QR code which takes you to this website in order to create a free account for up to 5 properties you may own. (They have said they will fix this later)

An important question a lot of people ask is, “what is property fraud and why should I be concerned?” So property fraud can happen in many ways and there’s many vendors who can abuse the system without you knowing until it’s too late. These are public records known as mechanical liens and Clark County has a high-abuse rate and often times homeowners pay it without noticing whenever they sell their home. There has been recent cases of property fraud as seen in this article here. Sometimes property fraud can be way worse and someone may actually SELL your home and you would lose the ability to do anything. That is an extreme example that most title companies would catch, but the truth is that it could still happen. There are services that do exactly what this new free system from Clark County do and they charge you a monthly fee.

If you have any questions about this or need assistance my team and I would be happy to help at no charge to you! You can reach us directly at (702) 745-6614

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