Information For Residents Facing Eviction

There are two different eviction protections in place:

The first is the CDC residential eviction moratorium. This is the same one that has been in effect since late last year and has been extended to July 31st, 2021. In order to get protected you must be qualified and fill out this form.

The next one (now that the CDC expires) is the AB 486This one is a bit of a sticky situation because it extends the eviction prevention until June 5th of 2023. There is now a reported amount of $360,000,000 in federal funds that will be distributed amongst tenants and landlords. This assembly bill only protects the tenants who face eviction do to non-payment. The only way a seller can get out of a situation due to non payment is to go to mediation or to sell their home. The eviction process begins when the first notice of eviction for non payment is served. At that point, lasvegasnevada.gov states:

“The tenant may then file an answer. The court sets the next available hearing date at least 30 days out. At the end of each day, the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson Justice Courts send a list of the cases filed that day to Home Means Nevada (HMN) for assignment of a mediator and a mediation date. The Justice Court also sends a list of all tenants who filed an answer that day to the Clark County CHAP program. Included in that list is the landlord and the tenant contact information. The County then looks up that tenant in the rental assistance (CHAP) portal. If the tenant application is there and complete, the county will expedite the application for payment. If the tenant application is incomplete, the application will be assigned to one of three nonprofit organizations (LV J Ct: HELP of Southern Nevada; NLV J. Ct: Nevada Partners; Henderson: Hopelink). All three nonprofits organizations have received contracts to assist the tenants in uploading all necessary documents, ensuring the tenant is “document ready” for CHAP review and payment processing by the time of the mediation.”


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