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I wanted to write a piece about the why I got into real estate and give you a brief history on my experience in this industry and previous experiences that qualify me to be your REALTOR:

My journey started when I was 18 and going to school full-time and working as a full-time electrician in Washington State. Academics were always easy for me and I often challenged myself by enrolling into academic competitions and also playing every sport I could. My life had one goal at the time: stay as busy as I could possibly handle. My 18th birthday was also a significant moment in my life as my mother passed away just days before and it was also my senior year in high school where I was expected to graduate amongst top of my class. I knew that my mantra of staying busy was more important to me then more than ever, so I got my electrician apprentice licensing and went on to learn everything about the trade as I prepped for college where I planned to become a Civil Engineer. Since I was kid, I had this thing about building things and designing concepts that would find solutions to complicated problems. I just knew I saw the world differently and I wanted to capitalize on my ability to do so.

Let’s fast forward to around 2008-2009 and I now have enough hours to get my journeyman license and about 2 years away from getting my bachelors degree when a couple problems came to fruition: I was losing my native language (Spanish) and even worse, the economy was about to crash and construction was coming to a complete halt. I took this as a sign from the universe that I needed to focus on finishing school and moving to a location with a high Spanish speaking community. Enter UNLV and my move to ground zero of the economic crash…

I was able to secure a job at Lowe’s as an “Electrical Pro” just so I could be able to transfer to another location and not have to worry about seeking employment. Only one issue, there was no openings at any location in Vegas so I needed to just focus on my new school and look for any type of employment. After various sales jobs (first time in sales), I eventually was offered a marketing gig for Microsoft through connections from an uncle who has been with Microsoft since the 80’s that allowed me to go teach vendors how to sell the new Windows versions. Shortly after I was approached by Google to work for this new position they wanted to try and launch at a remote location in Vegas. I took the position and also a break from school as I also got an opportunity to start a trading firm for Wall Street dedicated to Latinos overseas wanting to do day trading.

My life consisted of 4 am account support for my clients and running various chat rooms to recruit new members over to our platform. After the trading day was over in NYC, I packed up my things and went in to go put in work at Google where my role was account management for REALTORS looking to obtain leads using Google AdWords. This was essentially the start of my Real Estate career around 2013 and I never imagined being the person on the other side of the phone whatsoever. I stayed there for a couple years until Google wanted me to relocate to Mountainview, CA (Google HQ) and I was already in LOVE with Las Vegas and couldn’t let a job take me away. I began to look for opportunities locally in Real Estate since I figured I would make an excellent addition to someone’s business and possibly take them to that next level using digital leverage.

I found a top agent in the area looking for a marketing manager and was offered the position and went straight to work. During my time there, he encouraged me to get my Real Estate license even though I didn’t want to sell any homes. I just wanted to continue my role as a marketer, so I found an opportunity to be the business development manager for a company who flipped over 5000 homes and I wanted to learn everything about the investment side of real estate. It was there at that company that I generated so much business that I needed to use my license to help my small team of 4 agents and began to sell homes myself. My mentor encouraged me to jump into the deep end without learning how to swim and that really empowered me to learn everything I needed to know in order to succeed at a greatly accelerated rate. Since I practiced staying busy my entire life, having multiple transactions my first week was an easier feat than it would be for most.

I wanted to offer my clients more than other REALTORS could so I started to learn everything about programming that I could since I knew that 81% of buyers found their home online. When I noticed that our flips would sell for more, I knew it’s because those homes just looked better than other homes in the same area. I could apply this principal to regular homes by making them stand out and look better than others online. As a result, I was able to yield more net profit for my clients looking to receive top dollar for their homes. The reason I brought up my history and experience prior to real estate is important because all of it plays into my ability to confidently do what is needed to get the best value when hiring me and my team for selling your home.

Now the reason for including my construction and Wall Street experience applies to buyers… I know how to look at a home as an investment and could look at things such construction defects and possible red flags when looking for a home. I truly believe that wealth can and SHOULD be built using Real Estate. I can find opportunities in places that nobody even thinks to look at because I think differently than others. Most agents do not talk about numbers or finances because they are encouraged NOT TO by the association and their brokers, but I come from the finance world and I look and read data everyday in order to come up with my conclusions prior to making a decision. Whether it is your first purchase or not, I feel like everything has a strategy and getting you the best deal is the number one priority.

My team and I work seamlessly and we have optimized the way we work congruently so that we minimize the errors in a transaction. The issue with Real Estate is that many agents in this industry will say whatever they need to in order to get business. Our team works with honesty and transparency because we do not allow ourselves to get into legal issues for you or our brokerage. Communication is the key to working with us and we do an excellent job of getting you any new details even if it’s bad news. One thing our clients will always say about working with us is that we are very professional in the way we handle business and we treat your property and money as if it were our own.

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