Clark County Social Services

Service Types Provided

Housing Assistance, Evictions, Legal Aid, Foreclosures, Medical, Financial Assistance

Provider Description

3885 South Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas
(702) 455-4270

Clark County Social Services (CCSS) is a government agency that provides a range of social and human services to the residents of Clark County, Nevada. It is responsible for administering programs and services that promote the well-being of individuals and families in the community. Some of the services provided by CCSS include: Assistance with basic needs: CCSS offers programs that provide financial assistance and support to low-income families and individuals, including assistance with rent, utilities, and food. Child welfare services: CCSS works to protect the welfare and safety of children through programs such as foster care, adoption, and child abuse prevention. Elder care: CCSS offers services and resources to help seniors live independently and safely, including in-home care, transportation, and assistance with paying for long-term care. Disability services: CCSS provides assistance and resources to individuals with disabilities, including assistance with accessing medical care, transportation, and employment. CCSS is funded through a combination of state and federal grants, as well as local revenue from fees and fines. It is governed by a board of commissioners, who are appointed by the county government.

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