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Buying an off-market home refers to the process of purchasing a property that is not actively listed for sale on the open market, but is instead being sold privately. This type of sale typically occurs when the homeowner is not actively seeking to sell, but is open to the idea. Off-market homes can offer unique benefits to buyers, including less competition, more flexible negotiation, and the opportunity to secure a great deal. However, it is important for buyers to do their due diligence, as these sales often lack the transparency and safeguards of traditional real estate transactions. We typically deal with a lot of distressed properties due to our affiliation at the Foreclosure Group Of Nevada.


The purpose of a real estate portfolio is to diversify and grow wealth through real estate investments, which can include residential properties, commercial properties, and other real estate assets. A well-designed real estate portfolio should have a mix of properties that generate income through rental income and appreciate in value over time. Real estate portfolios are managed by the owner or a professional portfolio manager and are subject to ongoing analysis to ensure that investments are performing as expected and to make changes as needed to achieve investment goals. Building a successful real estate portfolio requires careful research, strategic planning, and ongoing management to maximize returns and minimize risk.


The goal of property management is to maximize the financial return on investment for the property owner while ensuring the property is well-maintained and meets the needs of tenants. Property management responsibilities may include advertising and filling vacancies, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair requests, managing the budget, and enforcing the terms of the lease agreement. Our brokerage offers management services at 7% of rents collected. Property management helps to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of a property, protects the owner’s investment, and provides peace of mind for both the owner and tenants.

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