Assembly Bill 486 – Section 1-1.5

Section1. Sections 1.5to 6, inclusive,of this actdo not apply to any proceeding for eviction relating to:

1.A commercial premises; or

2.An unlawful detainer pursuant to subsection 4 of NRS 40.2514or NRS 40.255.

Sec.1.5.As used in sections1.5to 6, inclusive, of this act, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.“Designated eviction proceeding” means:

(a)A proceeding for summary eviction pursuant to NRS 40.253;

(b)A proceeding for summary eviction pursuant to NRS 40.254where the tenant has defaulted in the payment of rent;

(c)A proceeding for eviction for an unlawful detainer pursuant to NRS 40.2512; or

(d)A proceeding for eviction relating to paragraph (a) of subsection 1 of NRS 118B.200.

2.“Landlord”means a landlord governed by chapter 118A or 118B of NRS.

3.“Rent”means all periodic payments to be made by atenant to alandlord for occupancy of apremises.

4.“Rentalassistance” includes, without limitation, federal, state or local funds:

(a)Provided by a governmental entity; and

(b)Administered for the purpose of paying any amount of delinquent rent.

5.“Tenant”means a tenant governed by chapter 118A or 118B of NRS.

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