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Data Driven Decisions

We integrate the use of technology to not only help us find the next clients, but to adaptatively reference our business model to. This allows our team to remain efficient despite of the volume of business we have to execute. Working with us is a very transparent process and we prioritize communication so that you are fully aware of exactly what is going on in the process. We will highlight some of the key factors below on why it would be a great experience to work with us: 

We Have Higher Standards

One of our favorite benefits that we dedicated to making a core value of our foundation was to implement a team calendar so that we are always available to work when our clients need us most. Most of our systems are all integrated with one another so that we don’t miss beat when it comes to responding in a timely manner.

One of the most difficult tasks we have experienced working with many agents over past transactions is that communication is the most important value asset an agent can have. We document  every step along the way so that we are always synced up with one another. 

As crazy as this sounds, there is over 17,000 licensees in the State of Nevada at the time of this publishing and most of them do not do this full time. Our team works real estate full time because we have made this our career and not just a part time gig. Safe to say we eat, breathe and sleep real estate! 

Prior to all the new restrictions and regulations put into place by the pandemic, we specialized in mostly off-market properties which allowed our investors to get early access to our upcoming listings. We have updated and revamped our off-market infrastructure and have capitalized on the downtime to be in position to be among the first to have contact with these types of properties. If you have interest on investing with us, please contact us so that we can see if we can work together.

We built our own customized transaction desk that puts everything in a centralized cloud server so that any of our team members can quickly access any piece of data that pertains to your particular transaction. This allows us to effectively communicate with all parties involved in the transaction and most importantly store all delicate documents in a safe manner. Cyber security is a huge risk in real estate and we do everything we can to prevent any threats or malicious behavior. 

The team actually comes from a marketing background and from various industries which makes for brilliance when it comes to strategies. We will actually take your home and market it using various methods which includes direct marketing to very targeted databases. These databases are created by using several languages such as python or SQL which enables us to get data before many other agencies have access. Whenever we get a home to put on the market, we compile all the data collected from all the campaigns and then take those new databases and create new sets of contacts to speed up all the processes.

We want your home to not just look great to the public, but completely stand out. We take the audiences we have created and create campaigns with the professional photos we get taken on your home. We get all of your home’s footage edited and resized appropriately for every channel your home is visible on. 

We are part of Las Vegas REALTORS Association and we have access to put your home live on the MLS so that over 16,000 agents and their potential buyers will see your home. We also will put your home on the IDX which syndicates your listing to thousands of other real estate websites.

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