Assembly Bill 486 – Section 2

Sec.2. Notwithstanding any other provision of law:     1. In any designated eviction proceeding, the tenant may, at any point in the proceeding, claim as an affirmative defense that:        (a)The tenant has a pending application for rental assistance; or        (b)The landlord has refused to:     (1)Participate in […]

Assembly Bill 486 – Section 1-1.5

Section1. Sections 1.5to 6, inclusive,of this actdo not apply to any proceeding for eviction relating to: 1.A commercial premises; or 2.An unlawful detainer pursuant to subsection 4 of NRS 40.2514or NRS 40.255. Sec.1.5.As used in sections1.5to 6, inclusive, of this act, unless the context otherwise requires: 1.“Designated eviction proceeding” means: (a)A proceeding for summary eviction […]

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